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Up-and-coming Hamilton fashion designer Srishti Kaur Designs brings elegance and originality

Updated: Mar 8, 2018

Specialising in evening wear and bridal gowns since 2016, Hamilton-based Srishti Kaur Designs offers you customized professional garment service.

Ideal for any formal occasion, Srishti Kaur Designs creates bespoke gowns in accordance to your design preference and caters for various personalities and body shapes.

“Every gown is inspired by beauty, feminine elegance, sophistication and minimalism, supported by high quality construction techniques,” comments business owner Srishti Kaur.

Srishti Kaur Designs, which is already developing an international reputation, takes pride in assisting you in every step on the journey towards your dream dress.

From design and pattern making, to fabric choices and to the final product, Srishti Kaur Designs will be there. “Our made to measure service offers all clients a unique and intimate service unlike any other. I don’t expect clients to bring me the entire design or the perfect fabrics in order for the process to work,” adds Srishti.

Ideal for Brides, Bridesmaids, Beauty pageant contestants and School and university students, Srishti Kaur Designs offers elegant, modern and well-tailored gowns for any occasion.

“We pride ourselves highly for the close relationships we build with our customers, and work hard towards making our clients feel comfortable with their ideas and opinions,” comments Srishti.

Srishti will provide design options according to your unique requirements and will go to fabric stores with you to help pick out fabrics to ensure functionality and practicality of the materials that will blend perfectly with the design.

“I also have a range of gorgeous textiles, imported from Asia that clients can choose from,” says Srishti. You won’t find these fabrics in New Zealand, so each dress will be as unique as you are. Not only does this promote individuality, it will also save time in fabric shops.

Some of Srishti’s most successful business accomplishments to date include showcasing at Vancouver Fashion Week last September and dressing girls for pageants in Tokyo, Egypt and in New Zealand.

Valuing originality, impeccable service and investing in her clients, this up-and-coming designer is definitely one to watch. If you are needing a formal dress that is uniquely you, contact Srishti Kaur Designs today.

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